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TJT Consulting clients all have one thing in common; a great desire to be successful now and for generations to come. Lumber professionals around this great country agree that with quality advice, business strategies and long-term plans, chances of reaching their goals are optimized. We use time-proven methods and decades of experience to formulate custom crafted plans to help our clients achieve an enhanced quality-of-life and a solid foundation for their future. At TJT Consulting, we take pride in the role we have played in many client success stories. We are fully committed to our clients and we are a results driven team, with failure never an option. Our confidence, commitment and prompt results are what separates us from any competition. We wish to share with you our winning formula and how it may bring added success to your business…Call TJT Consulting today and join our family of clients!

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Finding your way through the multitude of options that make up the forest of business succession plans and financial plan strategies can be a daunting task. Without proper direction, it’s easy to travel down the wrong path and become lost. For decades, the experts at TJT Consulting have been serving their clients by helping them meet their long-term family and business financial objectives through carefully developed plans.

Plans developed by TJT Consulting for the succession of your business are designed with the goal of helping to achieve financial well-being and an enhanced quality of life for you and your family, for generations to come.

At TJT Consulting our approach stems from the confidence we have in our well-honed skills and the time-proven methods that we utilize. We take pride in our commitment to the tasks at hand and then holding to that commitment for the duration. And finally, we are a results driven team – failure is not an option.

We wish to share with you our winning formula and how it may bring added success to your business. Contact TJT Consulting and get your business on the right path to financial peace of mind.

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