Goodman Review Continued

Who is TJT Consulting? A group of very dedicated and knowledgeable professionals devoted to helping businesses write and put into action exit and succession plans.

CB Goodman and Sons is now four years into working with them and we have never been disappointed. Members of TJT Consulting are making the transition so easy for us by helping us make the hard decisions and guiding us through a very difficult time for the “older” generation. They are working with the younger generation as well. They are a group of people with Christian principles and we feel like they are part of our family. They have been up front about any concerns they have about our company and have even gone to bat for us to rectify a bad decision we made several years ago.

Dave, Cliff, and their staff have gone far beyond expectations in a very timely manner. We have complete confidence in them! They are expedient, competent, and very knowledgeable. They have brought new ideas to us that will save us tax dollars and help increase our bottom line.

The fourth generation at Goodman Lumber will be in a very healthy and sustainable position as they take over for the third generation — thanks to TJT Consulting.

Leslie Goodman, on behalf of the Goodman family

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