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Leading a team of professional peers is a definite challenge. We will manage, for you, a diverse group of professionals who have different areas of expertise and different ways of getting things done. They don’t report to us, and we will have little or no authority to direct their work, but we are accountable for the team’s ultimate product: your Exit Plan.

We Make Your Team Feel Safe!

Your existing advisors may feel very protective of your relationship. We start with a call to your advisors to introduce ourselves and ask for their help. We explain our role as the Exit Planner, briefly outlining our Exit Planning Process, reassure them that we are not there to displace their relationship, and we invite them to be a member of your Exit Planning Advisor Team.

Now, instead of being on guard, they should, be open to meeting and talking about working together. That’s what we mean by making the Team feel safe. We assure your advisors (attorney, CPA, financial advisor) they will continue in their role as long as you feel comfortable doing so. We explain that there may come a time when a professional with specific expertise may be called in, but only after your advisor has been consulted. Your advisor will have the final say about the recommendations offered and how they will be structured. Our job as the Exit Planner is to proactively coordinate the Advisor Team to reach your goals, not dictate how the Advisor Team members are to do their jobs.

Most of your advisors are accustomed to working alone as individuals, not as members of a cross-functional team (CPAs work alone, attorneys usually work alone, and even wealth advisors and insurance professionals generally work alone). We mitigate any anxiety with understanding and effective communication. Our primary job as Team Leader is to get the members thinking as a team first and as a group of individuals second. This will go a long way to making the Team feel safe.

We Educate Your Team

Every team needs a clear vision of what it’s supposed to do. We help our business owner clients plan for the single, most critically important financial event of their lives: the transition out of their businesses. If your Team understands the mission, everyone can pull in the same direction.

We explain that Exit Planning is much more than succession planning, financial planning, or tax planning. It is a holistic approach that encompasses those planning aspects plus a whole lot more, which requires a team of experts who will build a custom plan based on your individual needs, wants, and wishes.

We Communicate Before, During, and After

Communication is the linchpin that makes our Exit Planning Process work. From one-on-one meetings to introduce ourselves, building trust and rapport, and regular team meetings with all hands-on deck – regular gatherings keep all your advisors up to date and on the same page. And with technologies like GoToMeeting, Skype, and other live-calling applications, it’s easier than ever to communicate concurrently.

We use a cloud-based, password-protected repository for recommendation narratives that all Exit Planning Advisor Team members can access at any time. Your advisors can post their pieces of the Plan for comments and suggestions from others.

We motivate, facilitate, encourage, communicate, build trust, and resolve conflicts – all the while committed to keeping you in the loop and satisfied. As your Exit Planner, we serve as your Team’s quarterback, constantly moving your Team down the field toward your goal.

How can we help you?

We work with all size companies, at varying stages of their business plan.

“Their knowledge, comprehensive personal service and attention to every detail are just a few of the things which impressed me”

Kurt Micek
Vice President, National Wood Products, Inc.

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